Ways That You Can Save Money on Your Electricity Bill:

  1. Turn off lights when they are not in use, and make sure to turn off all of the lights when you leave your home.

  2. When you are not using your cell phone charger, stereo, and other things, unplug them from the wall. Always leave your refrigerator plugged in!

  3. Close your windows and doors when you are using the air conditioning or heater.

  4. Do not set the temperature to be very cool. Set your air conditioning to about 80 degrees.

  5. If it is hot outside, close the curtains, blinds, and windows to block the sunlight.

  6. Air conditioning can be very expensive — a fan might be a cheaper alternative.

  7. Do not leave your refrigerator door open.

  8. In winter, sunlight can help warm your apartment, and it’s free! Leave your blinds and curtains open to let sunlight in when it is cold.