Tracking your time:
Volunteer logs are absolutely crucial. Volunteers are required to log everything in Track It Forward, which tracks all of the volunteer hours, the miles volunteers drive, and the physical donations they give. All donations and help given to Match Grant-participating refugees MUST be recorded. The success of the program depends on our office matching each federal investment with an investment from our community. The MG refugee is only able to receive help from the government because other refugees and their volunteers kept an accurate and updated record of the help provided in the past. It is important that volunteers write down anything they do or give to the refugee or their family as the record must be given to WR Triad from the volunteer, not the refugee.

What to track: Volunteers must track their hours every single time they visit/work with refugees. This is very important, for it’s how WR Triad receives funding for helping our refugees. This log will allow volunteers to do three things:

  • track the number of hours spent volunteering (including transportation time)
  • track the amount of miles driven to and from volunteer location during volunteer time
  • track any kind of donations given to refugees

Below are the steps to log all your volunteer hours, mileage and donations.

Please make sure to list your refugee’s family/individual names in the note section.


2.       Enter your information
3.       Click Sign Up
4.       You can then begin logging hours
5.       The app for smartphones is called OURVOLTS. You can download and access it once you have registered online.

****Note: Some of you might already be in the system. If that is the case, please go to the following link and enter your email address, it should prompt you to enter a new password:

Wondering how to log the information?

These are the fields you need to fill out:

1.       Hours: How much time you spent volunteering
2.       Date Volunteered
3.       Activity: For times you are just hanging out with a client you can pick “community orientation”
3.       Mileage: only to be logged for the act of volunteering. Not the drive to and from your home, unless the client is with you.
4.       Notes: Details on a Donation, amount spent, if it was for a specific client, details on what you did during the time listed, etc…. (Always list First and Last name of client you worked with)

Due date: Logs are to be completed for each month by the 5th of the following month.

Some tips:
  • The number of hours volunteered includes travel time to and from the volunteer location.
  • The number of hours volunteered also includes the time spent hanging out as friends with refugees.
  • For logs sent via email, a typed name is acceptable for a ‘volunteer signature.’
  • When filling out ‘total miles driven,’ this includes miles driven during volunteering EVERY TIME. If volunteers carpool, however, only the driver should track mileage.
  • When filling out ‘donations,’ be sure to list:
    • A description of donated item.
    • The number of items donated
    • The cash value of the donated item.
    • If an item was new when donated, the volunteer should attach a receipt to the volunteer logs.

Track It Forward


For any questions regarding the submission of Volunteer hours, mileage, or donations, please contact us at