You can make a world of difference in the lives of refugees, immigrants and survivors of human trafficking by sharing your time and talents. 


In response to COVID-19, we're implementing a NEW volunteer role! 


Community Engagement Volunteer

Community Engagement Volunteers have the opportunity to engage their community - whether small groups, family members, friends, or coworkers - in virtual and physical spaces to achieve at least one of three goals ...


Educate. Advocate. Donate. 


Community Engagement Volunteers do not need to complete the full volunteer onboarding process and can start volunteering with their community right away! We'll provide you with guidance and tools to unite your community in learning about and supporting your immigrant, refugee, and trafficking survivor neighbors, all while maintaining social distance and keeping the Triad healthy.


To learn more about becoming a Community Engagement Volunteer, click the button below and complete the form. We'll reach out to you with information about specific opportunities. 

Community Engagement Volunteer


 **All other volunteer activities have been paused for new volunteers as we increase capacity for virtual volunteer opportunities and await further decrease in local coronavirus cases. We will begin fully onboarding new volunteers again in January.** 







We are currently building capacity to engage individual volunteers in both virtual and in-person opportunities resuming in January. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our new Community Engagement Volunteer opportunity (see above)!



Good Neighbor Teams

True transformation happens through relationship. A Good Neighbor Team (GNT) is a group of 5-12 people who are passionate about showing the love of Jesus to the refugee and immigrant community here in the Triad area. A GNT is partnered with a refugee or immigrant family for a minimum of 6 months and works to assist World Relief Triad staff with various aspects of the resettlement or integration process through at least weekly interactions. A GNT is often a pre-existing small group or community group from a local Church; however, a GNT can also be any group of people that come together out of their passion for loving their neighbors.  For more information on our GNT opportunity, please visit this  LINK

Community Connection Teams

Integrated communities are formed through connections and relationships. Community Connection Teams (CCTs) facilitate relationships between members of the existing community and newcomers. A Community Connection Team is a small group of people, often times from a church, committed to loving their neighbors.  A CCT is partnered with a refugee or immigrant individual or family for a minimum of 6 months and works to provide social interaction and a network of friends. A CCT’s role is to provide a place of welcome and belonging for newcomers through monthly relationship-building activities, such as gatherings at team members homes or social outings. These monthly gatherings offer an opportunity for newcomers to feel welcomed, to socialize, to experience new things, and share culture.  Additionally, CCTs offer great potential for long-term, reciprocal relationships to develop. For more information on our Community Connection Team opportunities, please visit this LINK

Home Sponsorship Teams

Home Sponsorship Teams (HSTs) offer churches or small groups a way to welcome and support refugees, immigrants and survivors as they arrive in the Triad. HSTs engage their church and community to help gather material needs for a home, then prepare, and setup the homes for a family of newcomers. Teams commit to sponsoring between 1-4 home preparations within a year.  The HST and World Relief will agree on a two-month window in which the home setup will happen.  As that time gets closer the team starts to gather items and once there is a newcomer family with housing secured, World Relief and the Home Sponsorship Team will decide on a final set up date.  This is a great hands on service project for a group that also provides opportunity to engage the wider church and community in gathering items to bless a family who is starting over.  For more information on our Home Sponsorship Team opportunities, please visit this  LINK

Freedom Teams

A Freedom Team is a group of like-minded individuals, most often from a local church, that partners with each other, their community, and World Relief to bring greater advocacy, prevention, resources, and survivor support as part of the anti-human trafficking movement. Through the Freedom Team program, World Relief provide the structure, resource and support to Freedom Teams as they gather, grow, and go.  Together we can be part of ending modern day slavery.  For more information on the Freedom Team opportunity, please visit this LINK


  Volunteer as a Group


One-Time Service Projects

We occasionally have opportunities for churches, businesses, schools and other groups to volunteer with a project, donation drive or other event. If your group is interested in a service project, please have your group leader fill out our Service Project Request Form



  • Individuals or groups (such as companies, faith groups, school groups, etc).

  • Anyone ages 16+ can volunteer directly. Anyone under the age of 16 will need a guardian present.


World Relief opportunities vary in time and commitment. We work with a volunteer's availability, passion and skills, to find the best opportunity. Some volunteers participate in one-time activities while others commit to a six-month program.



If you are already a volunteer, you can submit your hours online.

If you are interested in an official internship, please see our career page for internship opportunities.