World Relief volunteers are required to complete volunteer training.  Volunteer can attend one of the regularly scheduled trainings (more info at, but groups they also have the option of facilitating a video based training at a time and location that is most convenient for their group. On this page you will find the videos and files needed to conduct video based training.  

Video Training Guide.pdf
This file is a guide for the person who will be facilitating the training. It provides a master materials list and step-by-step instructions on what to do during each section.  This guide should be thoroughly reviewed by the training facilitator in advance. Click on the link to view, download, or print the guide. 

Volunteer Training Handout.pdf
This file is a PDF of the handout for the training which corresponds with the presentation in the videos. Click on the link to view, download, or print the handout.  When printing you may want to select in print options to print 2 images per page in order to conserve paper and ink.


  • We recommend downloading the videos rather then streaming them.  This will protect against poor or lost internet connection interrupting the videos during training.  The video quality will also be better.

  • To download the videos go to

  • On each of the 3 videos there is an arrow facing down in the upper left corner.  Click on this arrow to begin downloading the video to your computer or device. 

  • NOTE: Download may take a while (even hours depending on computer and internet speed) so plan accordingly.