Welcoming the Stranger  


Immigration is one of the most complicated issues of our time. Voices on all sides argue strongly for action and change. Christians find themselves torn between the desire to uphold laws and the call to minister to the vulnerable. In this book World Relief staffers Matthew Soerens and Jenny Yang move beyond the rhetoric to offer a Christian response. Interwoven throughout are true stories of immigrants' experiences in and out of the system. With careful historical understanding and thoughtful policy analysis, they debunk myths and misconceptions about immigration and show the limitations of the current immigration system. Ultimately they point toward immigration reform that is compassionate, sensible, and just as they offer concrete ways for you and your church to welcome and minister to your immigrant neighbors. 

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Seeking Refuge 


We can’t ignore the refugee crisis—arguably the greatest geo-political issue of our time—but how do we even begin to respond to something so massive and complex? In Seeking Refuge, three experts from World Relief, a global organization serving refugees, offer a practical, well-rounded, well-researched guide to the issue. 

  • Who are refugees and other displaced peoples? 

  • What are the real risks and benefits of receiving them? 

  • How do we balance compassion and security?  

Drawing from history, public policy, psychology, many personal stories, and their own unique Christian worldview, the authors offer a nuanced and compelling portrayal of the plight of refugees and the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

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I Was a Stranger Challenge 


Spend 40 days immersed in Scripture that speaks to God’s heart toward immigrants.  Download a bookmark in English or Spanish to share with others to understand what the Bible has to say about our posture toward immigrants.

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Prayer for Dreamers 


Engage your church and others with this 5-day prayer challenge.  Read through Scripture, stories of immigrants, and prayer guide that will lead you and your church to stand with the vulnerable through prayer. 

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Awareness to Freedom 

Engage your church in prayer to end human trafficking.  This guide will walk you through how to run a prayer event.  It contains topics and scriptures to pray through coupled with actions items following the event. 

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Human Trafficking Prevention Bible Study​


This curriculum gives you the tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community. If every adult (and specifically, parent) was aware of the issues and complexities surrounding labor and sex trafficking, they could take steps so that their children would not be sold and the supply would cease. We hope through this Bible study to equip you to protect your children and to make sure you are not adding to the “supply” of human trafficking. Join us in stopping trafficking one family at a time.

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