With the spread of COVID-19, we're changing some of the ways we engage volunteers, but volunteers continue to play an integral role in creating welcoming communities here at World Relief Triad. We want to continue connecting volunteers with our clients in friendship and through opportunities for mutual transformation - even if that means taking our programs online!

We'll be compiling and updating the resources below to help you connect and serve better. Please reach out to our volunteer services staff with any questions, comments, suggestions, or success stories. You can email us at triadvc@wr.org.



Multilingual COVID-19 Resources

As you are in contact with World Relief clients, you may have opportunities to share information with them related to COVID-19. For local and multilinguage resources, as well as the latest updates from our office, visit our COVID-19 page


Volunteer Opportunities

Many of us feel fearful, apprehensive, anxious, and maybe a bit helpless, wondering what we can do in this season.  We've put together a few simple and meaningful ways that you can impact the lives of the most vulnerable in the Triad, showing the transformative power of community. Visit our Repond page to learn more.


Connecting Remotely 

While you may not be meeting with clients in-person, you can still meet with them remotely! Many of our clients use apps like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to connect with family and friends back home. Apps like these provide great opportunity to check-in, assist with English language learning, and to continue building friendships.


Tips for Remote Cross Cultural Communication


Learning Resources 

Listening to stories and learning about the experiences of others can help us build empathy and seek to understand our neighbors better. Everyone's story is different, and we encourage you - with time and trust - to get to know the real, lived experiences of those you are in relationship with (and to share your own story with them!). Below are some resource to give you insight into the many backgrounds and experiences of our refugee, immigrant, and surivor neighbors. 


TED Talks to Watch

Podcasts to Listen To