Resettlement is the open arms and guiding hand of our community

World Relief Triad Resettlement staff and volunteers…

  • Meet new arrivals at the airport

  • Transport arrivals to their new home

  • Spend time explaining how to operate things that some refugees may never have encountered before…everything from light switches to an American bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet.

  • Serve new arrivals a culturally appropriate meal of foods that are familiar to them.

  • Provide contact information in case of questions or emergencies.

  • Settle them in for the first good night of rest they may have had in a very long time.

  • That’s the beginning of establishing a relationship, and that’s just the first day.

A months-long process begins the very next day, with everything we do design to help our new neighbors feel welcomed, valued, and empowered by their new community. We provide cultural orientations, training on how to ride a bus and shop for groceries, health and wellness exams, school enrollment, and more.

Our goal in all of this is to pave the way to the self-sufficiency and sense of belonging that all Americans, whether here for generations or here for days, deserve.

None of this is possible without strong support from Churches, civic groups, and volunteers. If you’re interested in opening your arms and extending a caring hand to the most vulnerable among us, Resettlement has a place for you.

Whether you’re interested in meeting new arrivals on their first day, setting up their new home, or helping them navigate to appointments, we can promise one thing…

You will change refugees’ lives, and they will change yours. You might even discover new friendships that run as deep as family.

We’d love to hear from you and welcome you, your church, or civic group into the World Relief family as a volunteer or through your generous financial support. Just click HERE to get the ball rolling!