All refugees need to go to an appointment the Department of Social Services within 5 work days after they arrive. During this appointment they will apply for Food Stamps (EBT card), Medicaid, and some refugees will apply for cash assistance. For Food Stamps (EBT card) and Medicaid appointments are not needed. Staff will fill out needed paperwork and send it in.

Guilford County

1.    Locate the Department of Social Services:  
Guilford County DSS:  325 E Russell Ave., High Point, NC 27260 - (336) 641-3000

2.    Contact World Relief case manager to find out if the refugee partner should apply for Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) or Work First (WFFA) while at this appointment. If they do need to apply, appointments can be made Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in person at the Department of Social Services. At least one adult family member must be present. At the actual appointment adults must be present but not children.
Single people over the age of 18 and adults without children are eligible to receive Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA). Families with children under the age of 18 are eligible for Work First (WFFA). However, if World Relief is enrolling the family in the Match Grant Program, they should not apply for either. 

3.    Make sure your refugee partners have their I.O.M. bag and the documents inside.

4.    Make sure they also have their social security application receipt.

5.    The refugee may be asked what their rent and utilities are, so make sure that they have this info.

6.    Make sure you have appropriate car seats unless you are aware that the refugee partner has them. Contact World Relief if you need to borrow car seats.

• Birth-12 months: must ride in a rear-facing car seat
• 1-7 years: (weigh less than 80 pounds) forward-facing car seat or booster seat; must be in accordance with the seat manufacturer’s instructions and meets all Federal Safety Standards in place when the seat was manufactured 
• Children 8+: must be restrained by seatbelt    
• Questions? Visit for Child Passenger Safety Law Summary

7.    Only those 18 and older need to go to this appointment, so if childcare is arranged the children are not required to attend.

8.    If an interpreter is needed, DSS can use the Language Line which provides an over the phone interpreter.


1.    Check in at the front desk and tell the receptionist what you are applying for.

2.    They will be applying for Food Stamps and Medicaid. Volunteers should ask the World Relief case manager if they should apply for Refugee Cash Assistance or Work First as well.


1.    Return copy of the paperwork to the case manager. 

2.    Once they receive their EBT card in the mail, click here for instructions on activating the card and a list of food items that can be purchased. 


Forsyth County

Clients should come to the World Relief office the Thursday following their arrival at 10am.
- clients just need to be at the office with their white IOM bag(with PRM letter and I-94's) to give the DSS employee their application.

In the unlikely event that a client will need to go to the DSS office; the physical address and phone number are provided:

Forsyth County DSS: 799 North Highland Ave. Winston Salem, NC 27102 - (336) 703-3800

Staff will fill out needed paperwork and send it in.

The EBT card will go to the World Relief case manager, who will send it to the family

World Relief Triad - 155 Northpoint Ave, Suite 102, High Point, NC 27262
T: 336.887.9007 - F: 336.887.5245 - E: - W: