Post Office Orientation
Bring:  2-3 envelopes, paper for letters, and money for 2 stamps
1. If client is in apartment, check with case manager to see if an apartment mailbox key is still needed.
2. At home help them write a letter (in any language) while you write one as well
3. Show them how to address the envelope to you while you address the envelope to them, with correct return addresses at top
4. Go to nearest post office and wait in line.
5. Note if there is anyone picking up packages so they can see how it’s done.
6. Buy a stamp.  
7. Show them what else you can buy at the post office.
8. Mail the letters and see how long it takes to get to them.
9. When you return to apartment, locate their own mailbox and tell them to check it often. Also check for an outgoing mail slot for next time they mail a letter.
Library Orientation
1. Sign up for a library card. (Bring picture ID and address)
2. Locate different categories of books: fiction, non-fiction, children’s, periodicals, internet, reference, videos, talking books, etc.
3. Go to the catalog computer. In the “subject” line, enter the name of the refugee’s country. Write down the locations of several books about their country and go find them.
4. Go to periodicals and see if there’s a newspaper from their country.
5. If computer literate, sign up to reserve a computer for internet use. Help them log on.
6. Ask librarian about programs pertinent to their family, i.e. children’s story-time, after-school tutoring, etc.
7. Check out a book(s).
8. Locate return drop slot.
9. Back at their home tell them how to care for the book. (No crayons, no tearing, no throwing, no food, away from baby, etc.)
10. Mark on their home calendar the due date and explain money due if damaged or if not returned on time.