The physical scars and personal loss which accompany the refugee experience are easy to see. We rightly respond with welcome, health care, a new home, friendship, food, and clothing. These things are essential to starting a new life in a new community and to achieving self-sufficiency.

But other parts of the refugee experience can be more difficult to see. Some refugees who come to us have advanced degrees. Some have been engineers and physicians. Some were artisans or practiced skilled trades. Yet they arrive in the Triad unable to present degrees and certifications because all records were destroyed or lost in the chaos from which they fled. Even salvaged documents can fail to translate into a U.S. equivalent. On top of that, most refugees must begin earning an income as quickly as possible while they attend classes to learn English. As a result, refugees may have limited access to opportunities to use the talents, education, and skills that once were essential to their identity and were the building blocks of their hopes and dreams. 

Personal Development Services is one of World Relief Triad’s newest initiatives designed to create programs that lift refugees toward fuller realization of their potential. This is important because it restores hope for individuals and empowers each to offer their best to the community. 

Personal Development Services programs under development include…

  • A streamlined process for translating skills and degrees into a marketable U.S. equivalent
  • Support for advanced education or skills training
  • Youth Programs
  • Small business and microenterprise development

For ambitious clients willing to do the work, Personal Development Services can help open doors to individual fulfilment and deeper integration with Triad communities. Success can lay a strong foundation for coming generations to dream, to strive, and to share.

Community support will be vital as we implement Personal Development Services programs. Church partners, civic groups, and individual volunteers can provide support and opportunities that will make a real difference in clients’ lives.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Personal Development Services programs, please contact us at or 336-887-9007.