This position will provide therapeutic services consisting of but not limited to individual, couple, and family therapy, support groups, mental health assessments to newly arrived refugees and follow-up assessments. They will be given a wide range of opportunities to practice their therapeutic skills within the office, as well as learning intensive in-home therapy techniques, collaborating with World Relief medical case managers, and other local medical and mental health agencies. This position will also provide the intern an opportunity to help grow the Mental Health program. This will include networking in the community, researching best practices in an agency setting, helping to create program policies, and working towards a more integrated health program.  


The intern must be in a Master’s program providing training opportunities to become a licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, or a program equivalent. The intern must have had prior acceptance into their program’s practicum and have a Licensed or Approved supervisor within that program they meet with regularly. The intern will have an onsite supervisor who holds an Associate’s level license in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, but will be providing only administrative training and supervision. The onsite supervisor is not able to provide clinical supervision, but will provide the intern opportunities to become more culturally competent. If you have questions regarding your eligibility for a therapeutic internship with World Relief please do not hesitate to contact the Mental Health Specialist, Carrie Neese, MA, LMFTA via email, or by phone 336-887-9007.



Provide opportunities for support groups
Provide opportunities for individual, couple, or family therapy
Be willing to participate in co-therapy settings
Perform mental health assessments using the RHS-15 to all newly arriving adult refugees
Follow-up assessments as needed
Assess and enroll clients into the Health and Wellness program
Community outreach/relationship building with local medical and mental health providers
Provide psychoeducation opportunities to local refugee community, and World Relief volunteers
Keep up to date with progress notes and treatment plans
Aid in updates/creation of program policies as needed
Aid in marketing World Relief Mental Health services to local refugee and immigrant community