Some medical appointments are in locations that are not close to bus stops and some refugees have difficulty using the bus system if they are disabled. Once a refugee has Medicaid, they are usually eligible for county transportation services at no cost.

The refugee, US tie, or volunteer should call several days to a week ahead of the appointment and arrange transportation. Required information includes refugee's name, exact address, exact address of where they will be going, time of appointment, and Medicaid information. There are usually 30-45 minute windows around pick-up times. If a refugee's appointment is at 2:00, they should arrive at clinic before 1:30. If they live 30 minutes away from the clinic, then the pick- up time might be as early as noon. They must be ready by the pick-up time that the Transportation office gives them because the bus will not wait. Once the appointment is over, the newcomer will call the transportation office and then wait for pick-up to go back home. There is no cost for the service, but it can be a long day. Make sure that newcomers know that they will have to be ready early, and might have to wait quite a while for pick-up to go home.

GUILFORD COUNTY: 336.641.4848
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Refugees must undergo assessment and be approved. The assessment is usually handled over the phone. Volunteers will have the refugee call/visit when an interpreter is with them to assist with the interview. The refugee must have photo ID, Medicaid card, their address, and the date, time, and address of the medical appointment. Reservations must be made by 12 noon on the working day before your trip.