Below are the steps to log all your volunteer hours, mileage and donations. Please make sure to list your refugee’s family/individual names in the note section.


1.       Visit

2.       Enter your information

3.       Click Sign Up

4.       You can then begin logging hours

5.       The app for smartphones is called OURVOLTS. You can download and access it once you have registered online.




Wondering how to log the information?

These are the fields you need to fill out:

1.       Hours: How much time you spent volunteering

2.       Date Volunteered

3.       Activity: Do your best to choose the activity, even if it does not perfectly describe the activity in which you engaged. 

          Some tips:

           - Friendship: Social adjustment services or Community orientation

           - Home Setups: Delivery/moving

           - ESL Tutoring, Transportation, Translation, and others are more self-explanatory

3.       Mileage: only to be logged for the act of volunteering. Not the drive to and from your home, unless the client is with you.

4.       Notes: List your partnered refugee's first and last name each time you submit a log. Describe what you all did in detail. If you donated something, include the estimated value (Always list First and Last name of client you volunteered with).


Don't have consistent internet connection or access to a computer? VOLUNTEER LOG.pdf