Volunteers can assist refugee clients in learning English in the following ways:

Enrolling in ESL Classes:  Instructions can be found on the Required ESL Classes page.

ESOL Job Class at the Winston-Salem location: Volunteers can participate in facilitating and assisting with in-office ESL classes for adults who are waiting to be employed. These classes provide basic language skills and community connections, and help students prepare to communicate in the workplace. 

In-Home English Language Tutoring Program: One volunteer (or a couple) can be paired with one client adult (or couple) to complete 30 hours of English language tutoring within about 3 months, in the client’s home. This is a great way to build relationship, practice conversation, build relevant vocabulary, and personalize curriculum to fit the needs, proficiency, and progress of each student.

The Volunteer’s Role:

1. Learning public transportation: Helping the refugees learn how to use and navigate the public transportation system to get to and from ESL class on their own.

2. Friendship: By building a friendship with a newcomer, English practice will naturally occur. Whenever you spend time together, be supportive and intentional in your communication and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they will grasp your meaning.

3. Conversation Partner: Volunteers can be assigned to a refugee who is in particular need of learning English and visit him/her once a week (flexible) and practice English. Volunteers do not need ESL experience to be a conversation partner.

4. ESL Practice: Once newcomers are enrolled in classes, volunteers can assist them in several ways. Volunteers can help familiarize refugees with transportation to and from ESL classes and assist refugees with ESL homework from class. Volunteers can assist WR Triad staff in the following ways, in addition to those listed above:

  • Resource Developer: Volunteers can create new ELT materials that other WR Triad volunteers and newcomers can utilize.
  • Tutoring: Volunteers can tutor refugees one-on-one.