Understanding US Immigration 

Immigration policy is incredibly complex.  Follow the links below to learn more about immigration in order to educate your community about immigration issues. 

How Immigration Works       Immigration Topics

General Immigration News and Updates 

Keep up with the every-changing world of immigration policy.  Know about any policy changes that affect the immigrant community. Find out what is happening in the news concerning immigration and immigration reform. 
Immigration Policy Updates      Immigration News 


Current Action Alerts 

Understand what current issues concerning immigration need your voice! Read about current legislation that affects immigrants and other coordinated efforts to contact legislators concerning immigration laws, policies, and enforcement. Send ready-made emails to your elected officials concerning these issues.   

Action Alerts 

Engage your Leaders 

Voice your support for immigrants by speaking to your national, state, and local elected officials.  Learn how to effectively call, write, conduct an in-person meeting, and use social media to advocate for the vulnerable. 

Engage Leaders