Anti-Human Trafficking

Education. Case Management. Collaboration.

What is Human Trafficking? 

Human trafficking is a crime that truly knows no boundaries of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, nor education. Lauren Bethel, ABC Global Consultant, states that human trafficking is the “exploitation of vulnerability”.  World Relief Triad serves survivors as a vulnerable people group whose dignity was stripped away by business or enterprise, networks, or individuals. Combating human trafficking is a long-term fight. As demand for cheap goods, produce, entertainment and sex increases, so does an opportunity to fulfill that demand by exploiting people’s vulnerabilities. The demand that is present within our local Triad communities increases possible victimization.

Who We Serve 

Our clients have traditionally been foreign-national survivors of human trafficking rescued in North Carolina and the US at-large. These human trafficking survivors are enslaved in either the sex industry or forced labor, and often have diverse needs and receive access to various resources for direct services and life skills training.  Survivors who are U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are assisted in collaboration with the Triad Rapid Response Team and community partners. With the launch of our Survivor Partnership, connecting Good Neighbor Teams with survivors, World Relief Triad hopes to develop resources and case management services for these survivors. 


Direct services address the basic and safety needs of every person, such as: shelter and housing, food, clothing, interpretation, medical and dental services, mental and behavioral health services, legal services, transportation, education, and job development. With these services, clients can rebuild their lives. By meeting these needs, opportunities arise to build relationships and trust.  

The AHT Program seeks to give the survivors control of their own life and build confidence in their decision-making skills. However, given variations of goals based not only on the clients themselves, but language, location, and transportation, resources are continually being developed to support clients in their healing process. 



World Relief Triad appreciates a diverse collaborative network, some examples of which are: the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NCCAHT), the Triad Rapid Response Team, the Triad Community Response Team, the Violence Prevention Network (VPN), the Greensboro Child Response Initiative, Crisis Control Ministries’ Emergency Service Providers, Faith Alliance Against Slavery & Trafficking (FAAST), and the End it Movement


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