1.     Find jobs that are accessible to the refugee (close enough to their home to walk, or on a bus line: commute of no more than an hour and half)

2.     Identify which aspects of the job application process the refugee can do on their own. This can be based on English level, confidence with using public transportation, and how long they have been in the United States. The more responsibility that the refugee can take on, the better.

3.     If they have an email address, internet access, and sufficient English to fill out an application for themselves:

  • Send them the link to the job applications you find.
  • Offer to help them if they need it, particularly in reference to the assessment sections of applications. Going through a job application questionnaire with the refugee can serve as a good opportunity to help them understand the values and priorities of an American workplace.

4.     If they do not have the ability to fill out an application themselves, you will fill it out on their behalf.

A.  You need to know their pertinent information:

  • The person’s education level.
  • The work history along with applicable dates.
  • Their English level

B.  Use either the client's own personal email or help them set one up. Be sure to help the client with this process so they have access to the address, user name and password.

C.  Use World Relief’s phone number if the client does not yet have one.

D.  Fill out all the pertinent information.

E.  If the job requires that an assessment be taken, you may do it on behalf of the refugee. Try to answer to the best of your ability as the refugee would answer.

F.  On the tax questionnaire, you will want to know whether the clients are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), or any other form of federal cash assistance.

5.     If you are a World Relief intern, please record all relevant data in the Job Applications online document.

6.     Don’t forget to follow up after applying for a position! You may go with the refugee or advise them to follow up on their own. If you would like any materials to help with informing the employer about refugees’ legal work authorization or the role of World Relief in our community, please contact us.

7.     We ask that you please notify WR Triad's employment department as soon as you arrange an interview for a refugee or receive notification that they have been offered a position. This is necessary to ensure the client is ready for the interview or to start work without any delays. You may also contact the employment department for any employment related questions.