Volunteers may help with finding suitable housing (rental homes, condos, or apartments) for their refugee partners. The challenge comes in finding property managers/owners that are willing to work with incoming refugees even though they do not yet have a social security number, job history in the US, credit history in the US, or proof of income. However, there are many advantages to renting to incoming refugees and we have provided a letter that you may reference and distribute to landlords or to someone within your church or community that owns property. This letter answers frequently asked questions concerning housing and explains the benefits.

Housing Guidelines 

1) 4 year old children and younger may share a bedroom with children of the opposite gender. Children 5 years of age and older should be in a bedroom with same gender children. Married couples (parents) should have their own bedroom.

2) Check the heating and make sure it is appropriate. Electric or natural gas heating is generally more economical than oil. Electric heaters may be used in a house that has oil heat as this may save money for the refugee.

3) Housing must be on or near a bus route.

4) Contact World Relief for guidance on appropriate rental fee.

5) Let the World Relief case manager know immediately if you find housing.

When WR Triad is notified of an arrival, WR Triad calls the newcomer's U.S. ties (relatives or close friends living in the U.S.) if there are any, then chooses apartment locations based on criteria of location, quality, safety, and financial prudence. Volunteers and the resource specialist collaborate to set up the apartment before the arrival. Often, single male refugees are placed in apartments with other single male refugees.


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