Health and Wellness

The development and growth of this important program over the last three years have been a priority for World Relief Triad.  Our Health and Wellness Program provides health education to clients, providing guidance in areas such as sanitation techniques for those who may have never had to maintain a modern apartment or home, or teaching how to access medical care, or how to utilize over the counter drugs. 

World Relief also offers additional case management services for clients with serious or acute medical needs.  Staff and volunteers help these clients navigate the often difficult and confusing medical system, provide transportation to appointments and procedures, help them access medications, and assist clients in understanding their medical condition while empowering them to become more self-sufficient in these areas. 

In 2017 World Relief Triad was able to add a certified counselor to the program and begin offering mental health assessments and counseling.  Many of our clients have faced significant abuse and trauma in their lives and this new program begins to close a gap in service in the area of mental health. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about World Relief’s Health and Wellness program, please contact us at or 336-887-9007.