The refugee experience is characterized by persecution, violence, separation from family and loved ones, loss of personal possessions, and escape to unfamiliar places. Most refugees have endured profound physical and psychological trauma and arrive in the Triad with the emotional and physical scars associated with that experience.

The World Relief Triad Health and Wellness Program is here to respond with on-site therapy and counseling, and individual and family case management services for clients with serious or acute medical needs.  Health and Wellness staff and volunteers help clients navigate the often difficult and confusing medical system, provide transportation to appointments and procedures, and help clients access medications. We also provide health education to help clients understand and manage their medical conditions, learn personal and residential sanitation techniques, respond to medical emergencies, or utilize over the counter drugs. The goal is to empower clients to become self-sufficient in managing their own health care.

In addition to direct services to clients, the World Relief Triad Health and Wellness Program also manages the Community Garden where clients can grow their own nutritious food. Health and Wellness staff offer cultural orientation, education, and collaboration with local healthcare providers to support understanding and response to the needs of foreign-born patients.

Community support is vital to our Health and Wellness Program. Church partners, civic groups, and individual volunteers provide connections and assistance that truly improve the lives of clients who have experienced severe loss and trauma. Financial donations support services and treatments to promote physical and emotional healing.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about World Relief’s Health and Wellness program, please contact us at or 336-887-9007.