What are Muslim dietary restrictions? Some Muslim follow dietary codes which forbid the eating of pork (or food containing pork products) and the use of intoxicating drinks. Meat from animals slaughtered by devout Muslims following appropriate procedures is acceptable, and is called halal meat. As such, there are certain stores in the Triad, which sell halal meat. Do not purchase or encourage Muslim newcomers to purchase meat that is not clearly marked as halal unless they have indicated that they do not follow these practices.

Here is a list of stores which carry halal foods.

Universal Halal Meat & Grocery 2025 S College Dr. High Point, NC 27260 (336) 883-0034

High Point Halal 388 Eaton Street High Point, NC 27265

Fruit and Vegetable Market 2619 S Main Street High Point, NC 27263 (336) 887-0344

Sunrise Asian Store 1110 South Main Street Suite 101 High Point, NC 27260 (336) 841-6969

Tarboosh Market 3890 Glen Avenue North, Winston Salem, NC  27105 (336) 770-6793

KD Halal Meats 640 East Monmouth St Winston Salem NC 27101 (336) 788-3900

Nour Grocery  3068 Trenwest Dr Unit 1 Winston Salem NC 27103  (336) 842-3150


Additionally, if in doubt, there are tools that volunteers and newcomers can use to identify halal meat while grocery shopping:

  • For iPhone: Zabihah, Halal Scanner, Halalsquare

  • For Android: Halal Food Finder, Masjid and Halal Finder, Just Halal, Halal Checker


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