After a client has been here for one year they are able to apply for their Green card. The first step in the process is scheduling an appointment at the Health Department for screening and to obtain a required packet of information.  There may be a charge of up to $40/person for this.

  • Completing the paperwork with assistance from World Relief involves fees, varying by age and size of family.  Call World Relief (see above) for an estimate of the cost for each family.

Things to bring to your appointment with Legal Services (for EACH person)

  • A copy of I-94 document (front and back); IOM Letter
  • Copy of each Social Security Card
  • A Sealed and dated envelope containing an I-693
  • 2 passport-style photos (with name on the envelope/folder)
  • A completed address and employment history sheet
  • If available:  Copies of NC State Identification; copies of passports and travel documents; copies of Marriage/Divorce certificates; any records of arrests or citations.