Safe Link Wireless (Obama Phone) provides free phones for people who receive at least one of the following assistance programs:

  • Medicaid 
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps/SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8) 
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • National School Lunch Program's Free Lunch Program 
  • Other assistance programs in North Carolina (or residing state) 

Each qualifying household is able to get one phone. 

To apply online go to: 

Enter the zip code of the person who is applying to receive the phone. After the application is complete it will ask for a copy of the applicant's ID/Driver's License for proof of address and a copy of their Food Stamp card/Medicaid card for proof of qualification. It will take 2-3 business days to process the application and a confirmation email will be sent once it has been approved. The applicant will receive the phone through mail 10-14 business days from approval date. The phone will come with instructions on how to activate it. 

For the first four months the phone will have 500 free minutes and unlimited texts. After that the phone will have 350 minutes and unlimited texts per month.