HOP Thrift Shop kindly provides free clothes to each refugee client upon arrival into the United States. HOP THRIFT SHOP is located at 1020 Eastchester Dr., High Point NC-27262 - (336) 885-0663

HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm, Saturday 9am - 6pm, CLOSED SUNDAY


  1. Contact World Relief to set up a time.  World Relief staff will fill out the necessary form and call to let HOP Thrift know before you go.
  2. Go to the World Relief office to pick up the signed form.


  1. Out of respect for the store, no more than 4 or 5 refugees should go to HOP Thrift at a time.  For larger families please go in the store in shifts or schedule more then one visit.
  2. When you get to HOP, tell the person at the front register that you are with clients from World Relief and show them the form.
  3. Write the name and case# for each of the client on their separate form if they are not already on there.
  4. Remember to be polite and courteous to HOP staff and other shoppers.  Do not block isles or make a mess.  Large groups or families should shop in shifts.
  5. Each member in the family can get $40 worth of clothes (children included).  They can buy pants, shirts, socks, shoes, coats, belts, gloves, and hats.  They cannot buy things like purses, jewelry, bags, toys, bed sheets etc.
  6. Before shopping you may want to direct clients to pick four shirts (any kind of shirt), four pants (long or short), and a pair of shoes. If those do not reach 40 dollars they can than choose others such as socks, hat, belt, gloves and so on. You may also want to give a 30 minute time limit.  Both measures help give some guidance and help move things along. 
  7. Once they are finish shopping, write down the price of each item they bought into the allotted spaces on the form and circle the total at the bottom.
  8. Ask for bags at the front counter and put the listed items in the bags.
  9. Return the hangers and the form at the front counter.
  10. Make sure clients don’t leave clothes anywhere in the store, including dressing room.
  11. Separate coat vouchers are also available during colder months.  The vouchers are available at the World Relief office.