Groceries: Refugees greatly benefit from a fully-stocked pantry waiting for them when they get off of the plane. WR Triad has provided a specific grocery list for each of the ethnic groups it typically resettles. Volunteers should reference the grocery list that refers specifically to their refugees’ ethnicity.  If you do not see the ethnicity you are looking for, contact World Relief. Volunteers may choose to purchase these items as a gift to the arriving family (a gift in kind receipt can be provided to the volunteer when they turn in the receipts) or can request reimbursement from World Relief.  Reimbursements and items purchased by World Relief will come from the refugee’s welcome money, which is limited. 

  • The grocery lists provided are not exhaustive of all items refugees may want, so you are welcome to purchase additional items, but use discretion.
  • The amount of food listed will last the refugees less than a week. Within the next two days after their arrival, either the volunteer or a WR Triad representative (depending on what was agreed upon) will take the refugee family grocery shopping for more food.
  • On the lists, “pp” denotes per person. “ph” denotes per household, but please use discretion as household sizes vary
  • Other items to consider purchasing: sugar, flour, coffee, tea, and juice.

Arrival Meal: Upon arrival, the refugee family must be provided with a culturally appropriate meal.  Volunteers can assist by cooking or purchasing a meal for them to eat when they get to their home for the first time.

  • To cook or purchase an arrival meal, volunteers should refer to the specific meal listed for their partnered refugees’ ethnicity.
  • If purchasing a meal, suggestions include grocery store food bar options (such as whole foods) or dishes from ethnic restaurants. Here is a list of some triad ethnic restaurants.
  • Volunteers may want to package the meal in a container that the refugee family can keep.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Family size and ages.
  • Price.
  • Halal meat may be mentioned in the meal or on the grocery list. See this link for more info on Halal meat.
  • Most newcomers will not have microwaves in their apartments right away, so they will be heating and reheating their food in the oven or on the stove.

Delivering groceries and/or arrival meals:  If the volunteer is meeting the refugee at the airport they may simply bring the items with them. If the volunteer is part of a Good Neighbor Team and already has access to the refugee's home they may deliver the items to the home at their convenience. Otherwise, the volunteer should contact WR Triad to coordinate delivering the meal to the home or to the World Relief office. 


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