Our government leaders were elected to listen to and represent you.  When you engage with our elected officials,
you serve as a bridge between those officials and the people on your community.  You may influence how your legislators vote
on a certain bill, or even how quickly a committee takes action on a bill. 

Calling Officials


Calling your elected officials is one of the easiest ways to advocate for vulnerable foreign-born communities.  A brief, but clear phone call, especially coordinated with several others, can alert an elected official to the concerns and interests of their communities.  Calls may influence officials to pay attention to and support issues that affect vulnerable foreign-born communities as a response to the voice of the community.  

Calling Your Elected Officials

Meeting with Officials


Establishing ongoing relationships with elected officials is one of the most effective ways to inform and influence policymakers.  Meetings with constituents and community leaders are necessary steps toward welcoming policies and attitudes toward vulnerable foreign-born populations. A powerful constituent visit involves impacted communities and allies who join together. 

Meeting with Your Elected Official