Point Persons: Volunteer Coordinator and Case Specialist

Volunteers’ main point of contact is the volunteer coordinator until they begin working with their partnered refugees. After volunteers are introduced to the refugees, their main point of contact will be their case specialist. Volunteers may email or call WR Triad during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All questions, concerns, and communication with regards to volunteering should be directed to the volunteer coordinator. It is essential that volunteers reference the Volunteer Toolkit or any other available resources before contacting the volunteer coordinator. The case specialist will give instructions for various tasks/specific ways to serve partnered refugees (especially regarding the ways in which the GNT or individual volunteers sign up/choose to assist.) If volunteers need further assistance or have trouble getting in contact with the case specialist then they may contact the volunteer coordinator.

Communicating with Refugees

Note that many newcomers do not have a cell phone for a while after arriving. In this case, your greatest tool is planning in advance. Plan in advance when your next visit will be, and tell them when you will be by again so they can expect you. You can also bring a calendar and designate visiting days for the refugees and Case Specialist to see or even keep. Volunteers are welcome to assist newcomers in choosing a phone, and should suggest pay-as-you-go phones rather than 2-year contracts.


WR Triad works with interpreters to explain major situations and topics.