Monthly Bus Pass: A 30-day bus pass costs $30 in Winston-Salem.  World Relief provides one 30-day bus pass to clients who enroll in employment services.  After that, clients are responsible for purchasing their own pass.

The bus has limited hours and does not provide transportation to most places of employment.  Therefore, carpool transportation is necessary in many cases until clients are able to save enough money to purchase their own vehicle. 

Carpool: World Relief can assist clients with arranging rides to work.  If a client who does not have a car receives a ride to work with someone, there is an expectation that the client pay for his or her ride. 

Depending on the client’s proximity to the driver and place of employment, transportation costs can vary from $100-$160 per month per person.  This fee is not dependent upon the number of paying riders in the car.  The cost goes to help pay for gasoline, insurance, routine maintenance, and vehicle repairs.  This cost is an approximation and is at the driver’s discretion.    

Some drivers expect payment once per day, some once per week, and others once per month.  This is also at the driver’s discretion. 

Since the driver is holding a spot for each rider they may be expected to pay regardless of days they are absent for appointments or sickness.  For example, daycares charge a flat monthly fee regardless of how many days the child attends.  This is a common practice among many drivers who bring people to work. 

Many of the people who drive World Relief clients are also clients of World Relief.  They often have older or donated cars that could have more frequent problems and more expensive repairs than a newer vehicle.      

World Relief is not responsible for ensuring payment or reception of payment for transportation services but will assist in connecting clients who need rides with people who can provide them.