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Understanding Refugee Resettlement 

While refugees have featured prominently recently in the news, there is often still confusion about who refugees are and the process through which they resettle in the United States.  Follow the links below to learn more about who refugees are and their journey to the US in order to educate your community about refugee issues.  

Resettlement in the US    Refugee Screening

Understanding Displacement Globally 

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Against All Odds  

Against All Odds is an educational online game that shows what it’s like to flee a country. As you play, you will plunge into the world of a virtual character where they have to build a new life in a different country after they escape conflict. The game is built on facts and short films and comes with a teacher’s guide that includes exercises and discussion topics. It is available in 12 languages. 

Teacher's guide     Launch Game



Current Bills Being Discussed 

Here are the bills that are currently being discussed in the US Senate or House of Representatives that affect refugees.  They are sorted by pro-refugee legislation and anti-refugee legislation.  Familiarize yourself with this bill in front of our legislature and contact your representatives and senators to speak against or in favor of these bills.  For ideas and tips on how to engage leaders and policymakers, see this page {link: How to Engage Leaders and Policy Makers Page in toolkit} 

Current Bills 

Current Action on Behalf of Refugees 

Find coordinated efforts to speak in favor of refugees and refugee resettlement that are currently happening.  Understand current issues and see sample letters, petitions, and emails to send to your elected officials 

Current Action 

Engage your Leaders 

Voice your support for refugees and refugee resettlement by speaking to your national, state, and local elected officials.  Learn how to effectively call, write, conduct an in-person meeting, and use social media to advocate for the vulnerable. 

 Engage Leaders