In a world plagued by persecution, ethnic cleansing, genocide, corruption, poverty, and war, refugees and immigrants are
forced to leave homes, possessions, and often loved ones in a desperate effort to live in peace and safety, and to find a place to
call home. They arrive in the Triad anxious to work, to contribute, to find new friends, and to belong.  
Each of them brings new talents and experiences which enhance and enrich the communities who welcome them.  




How we help

Since 1989, World Relief Triad has worked to empower the local Church and engage
community partners to welcome refugees, immigrants, and survivors of human
trafficking with services and support that restore lives and hope.

Transparent financial stewardship

World Relief Triad is committed to transparent stewardship of funds entrusted to us.
Please visit our Financial Page for information about our impact in the Triad.


More ways to contribute and get involved


Volunteer opportunities with refugees and immigrants

Donate Goods

Donate items to newly arrived refugee and immigrant families


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Engage Your Church

Stand together to welcome the stranger